At JP Recovery Services, we always welcome the opportunity to listen to our employees. After participating in a fun holiday contest, here is what a few team members wrote about their experiences at JPRS.


I am thankful to work for a company that values its employees as much as its clients. The company and management always take time to provide recognition and express gratitude to the staff for its continued success.
-Nicole Cavanagh

JP Recovery has given me many opportunities and even paid for me to get my coding certificate. I have had many health issues in the last 17 years since I have started. The company has been beyond accommodating to make sure I keep my job and take care of my health. I can say I am truly grateful for the loyalty they have placed in me and continued to let me grow with the company.
-Dalida Coone

I am thankful for my flexible 40 hours. I am able to make doctor’s appointments, help care for my aging mother and attend school meetings for my son. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
-Mary Carroll

I’m a fairly new employee with JPRS, starting on Oct. 22, 2018. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and look forward to growing within the company. Since working for JPRS my work-life balance has gotten tremendously better. Being able to see my family is very important to me, and JPRS respects that and I LOVE IT! Since day one everyone here has been inviting and very supportive of my new role. I get an overwhelming feeling of joy knowing that I work for a company that cares greatly about its clients, and employees for that I am truly thankful.
-Christopher Baker



Pictured Above – Christopher Baker and Nicole Cavanagh