Introducing our new Vice President of Operations


“The first 20 years of JP Recovery Services has been highlighted by elite performance and steady growth, due to strong leadership and commitment to success at every level. As Vice President of Operations, I will continue to build on the core strengths that drive our success. Focusing on client satisfaction, employee engagement, investment in innovation and technology, and high standards of professionalism and service will be the key ingredients that fuel our operations for years to come. I am excited for the opportunity to lead such a great team of industry experts, and I am confident that by utilizing the diverse skill sets of our leadership team and promoting a collaborative environment, JPRS will achieve sustained success and long-term growth, going forward.”


– Brian Beirne, Vice President Operations


Brian has been with JP Recovery Services for over sixteen years. He has worked in all three of the company’s main divisions including Pre-Collect, Medical Billing and Collections. His loyalty and efficient mindset have earned him this well-deserved promotion.


Congratulations, Brian!