By allowing the professionals at JP RMP to obtain pre-certification or prior approval, your organization’s staff will continue to focus on what matters the most … patient care.

About Our Pre-Access Services

  • Staff recruited, hired, and trained to be skilled in all facets of insurance verification, billing and follow-up
  • Streamlines and centralizes patient access
  • Proactively reaches out to patients before their service
  • Our experts identify and resolve any issues on pending authorizations or improper registration

Our staff members have extensive experience with IDX, AS400, Star Navigator, OAS Gold, Rumba, Envision, Soarian, Practice Plus, and the following:

Our Pre-Access Process

  1. Review referral requests for procedures to determine if authorization is needed
  2. If no authorization is needed, release for scheduling
  3. If authorization is required send completed authorization form to doctor for signature
  4. Forward signed authorization form to insurance carrier/payer for approval
  5. Resolve any issues on pending authorizations or improper registration
  6. After approval is received, forward for procedure scheduling

Benefits to Provider

  • Prevent denials and loss of revenue due to unmet prior authorization requirements
  • Clinical staff stay focused on patient care
  • Fewer delays in patient care
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Detailed information is sent for additional education with providers
“[JP RMP] has been a valued extension of our business office for many years in a variety of capacities and has always done an EXCELLENT job.”

System Director, Revenue Cycle Insurance Collections & Denials Summa Health

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