Pre-Collection / Early Out

JP Receivables Management Partners understands the challenges healthcare institutions face in recovering patient liability receivables at the earliest stages of the collection cycle. That is why we developed a program that allows our clients to utilize our team of “Early-Out” recovery specialists to handle all facets of patient communication, with the goal of reaching final resolution quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our performance record has proven to reduce our clients’ costs while improving their cash flow and reducing bad debt write-offs.

About Our Pre-Collect/ Early-Out Services

  • Call Center environment operates seamlessly as an extension of our clients’ business office
  • Staff recruited, hired and trained to be skilled customer service professionals specializing in healthcare receivables
  • All patient contacts are recorded for training and compliance monitoring
  • Work directly via secured remote access on client’s PFS system
  • All client policies and procedures strictly adhered to on every patient contact
  • Processes and reporting customized to client needs

Our staff members have extensive experience with IDX, AS400, Star Navigator, OAS Gold, Rumba, Envision, Soarian, Practice Plus, and the following:

Our Pre-Collection/Early-Out Process

  1. Dedicated team assigned to client
  2. Staff is trained and customized to work seamlessly as an extension of the clients’ office
  3. Newly disclosed insurance issues will be reviewed, verified and reported to client
  4. Accounts are prescreened for charity programs
  5. Handle all of the client’s return mail, by skip tracing and then updating good addresses obtained in our client’s systems
  6. All activity will be noted via client’s system, and customized reporting will be available upon request

Benefits of Outsourcing Pre-Collection/Early-Out

  • Improve the quality of customer service to your patients: all patient calls handled promptly and professionally
  • Reduce Bad Debt charge offs
  • Increase cash flow on 30-90 day delinquencies
  • Cut internal operating costs
  • Free up internal resources for other projects
  • Indentify, report or correct any billing issues or tending we observe that will negatively impact our client’s receivables
“JP [Receivables Management Partners] has been an effective business partner with Akron Children’s Hospital since September 2000. Akron Children’s continues to rely on the Early-Out Program to enable us to achieve our financial goals and objectives. Their staff remains committed and responsive to our needs and concerns and provides a seamless process for our self-pay collections.”

Director of Revenue Cycle, Akron Children’s Hospital

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