Veteran’s Administration Claims

With over 30 years of experience in Veterans Claims Management, JP Receivables Management Partners (formerly JP Recovery Services) has a dedicated team in place to provide a fully outsourced solution to these challenging claims.

About Our VA Claim Services

  • Our professionals bill Veterans’ Administration for medical services rendered by client
  • Staff is trained to handle the complex and unique rules of the Veterans’ Administration
  • Dedicated team handles all facets of VA claims
  • All client and VA policies and procedures strictly adhered to on every patient contact
  • Processes and reporting customized to client needs

Our staff members have extensive experience with IDX, AS400, Star Navigator, OAS Gold, Rumba, Envision, Soarian, Practice Plus, and the following:

Our VA Claims Process

  1. Identify, generate, and deliver claims timely and accurately
  2. Navigate through complex set of rules unique to the VA
  3. Immediate follow up with VA representative to confirm receipt of claim and ensure all records are complete and sufficient.
  4. Continued follow-up with VA to expedite claim processing through final resolution
  5. Provide client status updates through customized reporting and analysis
  6. Obtain and process full and complete payment as quickly as possible
  7. Maintain a thorough audit of overall performance and reimbursement history of Veteran claims inventory

Benefits to Provider

  • Overcome staff shortages and free up extensive staff hours due to extremely long hold times
  • Avoid coding and documentation errors that are critical to full reimbursement
  • Identify and recover underpayments
  • We work with our clients to manage complicated denials and appeals cases successfully
  • Ensure compliance with all complex VA rules and regulations
  • Streamlined process gives VA claims the best chance to pay in the shortest possible time

“[JP RMP] has been a valued extension of our business office for many years in a variety of capacities and has always done an EXCELLENT job.”

System Director, Revenue Cycle Insurance Collections & Denials Summa Health

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