Bad Debt Collections

Since 1998, JP Receivables Management Partners (formerly JP Recovery Services) has built a strong reputation as one of the leading collection companies in the country. We are dedicated to our mission of providing value to our clients by ensuring a positive and seamless payment experience for their consumers, while turning their aged receivables into cashflow.

About Our Collection Services

Industries Served

We offer customized strategies for various types of aged receivables including; medical, bank, retail, educational, utility, commercial, and government collections. We partner with a nationwide debt collection attorney network to handle all litigation matters.

Solutions/ Technology

In an increasingly challenging industry, we understand the importance of evolving. Identifying and implementing new technology not only helps us maintain an edge on competition by delivering strong collection performance, but it also helps to enhance the overall consumer experience.


  • We integrate cloud-based collections technology, analytical recommendation software, and multi-channel communications to assure we are offering the best solutions to all customers.
  • We leverage data and business intelligence to drive individual and collective performance.
  • An inbound interactive voice response system (IVR) that enables consumers to perform self-service functions such as set up a payment plans, request receipts, and update demographics information 24/7.
  • An outbound interactive voice response system that transfers verified right party contacts to experienced agents for handling.
  • An integrated text messaging service that enables the consumer to perform a variety of self-service functions.
  • The WebRTC — a web-based, soft-phone-like application that provides reliable, crystal-clear communication in an encrypted format.
  • The integration of artificial intelligence to both provide best responses to agents based on customer communication.
  • Consumer opt-in to email communication enables us to electronically deliver our fully customizable notices via a secured email that protects the consumer’s privacy and speeds up communications and repayment of their debt as a natural result.
  • Our payment portal enables consumers to either pay off or set up a payment plan for their balances, update either their insurance or demographics information, and message us with questions or concerns.


While the tools we use are an important part of our overall strategy, how we deploy them is equally important. Our waterfall process for new placements enables us to intelligently route large volumes of placements to the right associates at the right time which allows us to maximize recoveries by identifying consumer’s propensity to pay. In order to effectively prioritize efforts, we score and segment placements so that the highest priority is placed on those consumers who are more likely to pay. The data we receive from our scoring vendors is not only based on census data but also the historical data in our operating system.

To drive continuous improvement, we’ve implemented a Lean Six Sigma program. Through either Kaizen events or D.M.A.I.C. projects, our project teams drive process improvements using insights from SME’s and data that we track from our processes.


We provide regular FDCPA, UDAAP, HIPAA and TCPA training to our staff and communicate any changes in state and federal law.

All phone communications are recorded and monitored in-real time by our call compliance department. They share with representative’s score results and will work with staff on areas of opportunity for improvement. We have a dedicated quality assurance team to ensure the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Our expertise and certifications include FDCPA, TCPA, HIPAA, 501(r) and Red Flag Rules.

Our GM and supervisor have completed CCCP (Credit & Collection Compliance Professional) through the ACA and act as the point of contact for all compliance-related matters.

Client Services

We have a dedicated client services team that is trained to understand the business and provide quality service to our client partners. We understand that good communication is important to a strong client-vendor relationship. There is one centralized email address for our clients to use that is distributed to all team members to ensure timely responses, along with a direct phone number to the department. Our focus is to provide quality service and reporting that is efficient, accurate and exceeds the needs of our clients.


  • Experienced project manager assigned during the onboarding process to facilitate timely and complete setup.
  • Dedicated Client Services team always available to quickly respond to client inquiries through desired communication channels.
  • Newly implemented and easily accessible Client Access Web Portal for account reviews, reporting, etc.
  • Secure data-transfer methods available.

Value Added to Client

  • Increased cashflow
  • Excellent service
  • Positive consumer experience
  • Full compliance
  • Competitive pricing
JP Receivables Management Partners collaborates with innovative vendors on the leading edge of ARM technology and services development.

Benefits to Provider

  • Patient-friendly approach allows us to protect our client reputation within the community
  • Analytical scoring allows us to maximize recoveries by identifying consumers’ propensity to pay, and prioritizing our effort levels accordingly
  • Consistently evolving in an increasingly challenging industry drives our strategy of continued investment in the latest cutting-edge technological solutions
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance Team to ensures the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, which includes certifications such as FDCPA, TCPA, HIPPA, 501(r) and Red Flag rules
  • Proven track record of strong collection performance, maintaining an extremely competitive presence in the industry
“Thank you again for your dedication to the supporting the mission of the Cleveland Clinic over the years. [JP RMP] continues to excel with your performance. Not only do we appreciate the value of our relationship in terms of revenues but more importantly your commitment to providing an outstanding level of service to our patients!”

Revenue Cycle Manager, Cleveland Clinic

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