In compliance with the Ohio Dept. of Health’s Stay at Home Order, issued on March 23, JP Recovery Services has migrated its entire staff to work from home. Leading up to the order, JPRS made the necessary preparations to ensure that our work-from-home solution was compliant, productive, and did not result in a lapse in service. We have been able to uphold our high standards of quality and performance throughout, and have delivered excellent results to our clients.

PRS leadership continues to stay in the loop, when it comes to COVID-19 updates and government mandated instruction, and we’ll do whatever it takes to comply and keep our employees safe, while continuing normal business operations. Below is a link to our onsite prevention plan, which was rolled out to our staff prior to the Stay at Home Order and will be updated with new content, as necessary, and continued after the order is lifted.

Please feel free to view our Communicable Disease Action Plan.